Hi there. My name is Markus Isomeri. I’m an communications professional and hobbyist from Finland. I’m into all sorts of things, like video games and cooking, but right now I’m focusing on a traveling the Eurasian continent by land, from Helsinki to Singapore.

You can find me on all, or actually just a couple of the hottest social medias like Instagram and Twitter.


Well, if you read the last paragraph you might already realize that this blog is currently focusing on chronicling my journey through Eurasia during the Spring of 2016. This blog is still very much under construction, so please have patience as I try to update the site the best I can while hopping trains or laying on a plastic beach somewhere.


Eurasia! More specifically, the my plan is to take trains and buses through Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, finally arriving in Singapore sometime early in the summer.


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